How to protect your wealth against the inflation?

June 3, 2014 05:36 AM

As you probably know, in the current financial situation, governments are printing money like there was no tomorrow. And, sooner or later, this will lead to high levels of inflation.

Inflation is the hidden way that governments and financial institutions steal your savings. So how do you protect yourself against this? Fortunately, it’s not that difficult. All you have to do is keep at least half your savings in real value assets - the more liquid, the better.

The most liquid assets (famous for consistently holding their real value throughout the course of human history) are GOLD and SILVER. In times of crisis, when paper money often becomes worthless, serious deals are based on GOLD and SILVER. You may be interested to learn that during the Second World War, weapons and goods bought by the UK from the USA were paid for in GOLD and SILVER. So, if you want to protect your savings, you should seriously consider keeping part of your wealth in something real. The only assets that are really liquid—that hold their value better than any others, that are indestructible and easy to keep—are precious metals.

But you must hold real, physical gold or silver, not paper. Paper assets are all the same – in times of crisis they are worth about as much as . . . paper.

There are a number of very informative YouTube videos on the subject, so start to educate yourself now. And, if you haven’t done so already, maybe now is a good time to stop and think about your financial future:

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