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Spread: 3.0 Min. lot: 0.05 Execution:
Leverage: 1:400 Country: Cyprus Regulated by: CySEC
Min. deposit: $25 Platforms: MetaTrader, Visual Trading, TradeDesk Payment methods: Credit card, Paypal
Headquarters: Limasol

Easy Forex is a brokerage that was started by a collection of bankers and forex experts in 2001 but their services became available online since 2003. Their objective was to set up a Forex trading platform that will be hassle free to use. Starting from the year 2003, they have been rendering services to clients in more than 150 countries all over the world.  Easy Forex takes the position of a dealer who offers to buy and sell securities at a guaranteed price, with UBS in Switzerland and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) as its liquidity providers. Easy-Forex is a legitimate and regulated forex brokerage. They are regulated by ASIC, CFTC and CySEC. The license number of easy forex is 203997 and the company has the following identifications.

Easy-Forex Registration Number with CySEC

Easy Forex headquarters are in Cyprus but they have offices, customer service centers and forex trading houses in various countries round the world. They are accredited in Europe and Australia. Annually, they are audited by “Price Water house Coopers.” Their offices are located in London,(UK) Limassol, Cyprus, Poland, Warsaw and Sydney(Australia). In principle, the brokerage is indexed and registered in Majuro, Marshall Islands.  Their business registered address is

Ajeltake Road

Trust Company Complex

MH 96960, Ajeltake Island

Majuro, Marshall Islands.

The addresses of their various offices are listed below:

Easy Forex brokerage Office in London


Easy Forex Brokerage office, Warsaw


Easy Forex Brokerage Office In Sydney, Australia


Easy forex brokerage makes available forex trading services to customers round the world.  As at April 20, 2013, the Chief Management Officer of Easy-Forex brokerage is Mr. Michael Konnaris.

Mr. Michael Konnaris-Chief Management Officer of Easy-Forex


Easy Forex allows Traders to trade commodities as well as forex. Again, the forex trading platform of easy forex is available in various languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Greek, French and German. Their websites are easy to access and simple to use. The site is also packed full with vivid and properly organized information consigning their services. The hassle free forex trading platform and the simplicity of the websites coupled with the enormous trading information and instructional materials provided on their sites make it easy for new traders to use easy forex platform.

Trading Platforms

Easy-Forex provides four different types of trading platform to its teaming subscribers round the world. All the platforms are very easy to use and are extremely flexible. These features make easy forex trading platform capable of catering for the needs of traders of various types. See the four trading platforms below:

1. Online Trading Platform

 Easy Forex is the first forex brokerage that offered its customers forex trading software that permits them to trade without having to first download the platform. The online trading platform permits trader to trade forex round the clock notwithstanding their location anywhere in the world so long as they have internet connection. The trader is not required to download anything. All that is required is to log into the site and commence trading. The internet trading platform also has complicated investigative tools like one-click trading and instantaneous rates feed. The internet trading platform is well-matched with TradeDesk. You can open a trade online and close it in TradeDesk.

2. Trade Desk

TradeDesk is a Java-Based version of trading platform. It is a private Forex trading platform that permits traders to put together different apps to form a custom-made and modified image platform that suite their forex trading needs. It permits its users to design various layouts depending on the market situation and their preferred style of trading.

3.  MetaTrader4

MetaTrader4 is a forex platform that was specifically made for traders who wants to trade with Smartphones. It is recommended for traders who want all-embracing forex technical analysis.

4.  iPhone App

iPhone App is  Easy Forex new innovation that allows the traders to access easy forex services via their iPhones. Currently, you couldn’t trade with it but can through it view your account status and the market situation. It is thus not yet a fully integrated trading platform but has such features like economic calendar, outlook, safe and protected login as well as account statements and so on.

The whole four trading platforms have devices necessary for traders to trade effectively in a hassle-free manner.

Account Types

Easy Forex offers forex traders an opportunity to trade four different types of accounts.These four different accounts you could open with easy forex are:

  1. Demo account

The demo account is a practiced account that allows the trader to familiarize with the easy forex platform to check its suitability before committing real money to the trading.

  1. Standard  Account

The account type has no minimum First Deposit. It has a minimum deal size of $5000 and fixed spread of 3 pips.

  1. Premium Account

The premium account minimum deposit is $2000 with a $50,000 minimum deal size and a fixed spread that starts from 2.5 pips

  1. VIP Account

The minimum first deposit for this type of account is $20,000; the minimum deal size is $100,000 and the fixed spreads 1.8 pips.

Asset List

Easy-Forex platform permits forex traders to trade forex as well as commodities. The mini account allows a trader to open an account with as little as $25 with a minimum deal size of $5000.


Easy forex allows the traders to trade on different commodities like:

1. Gold

2. Silver

3. Oil

Currencies and Security of funds

Easy forex allows you to put your money in a separate account to ensure that the money is always made available for your use. They offer secure payment and the traders can trade in any of the various currencies listed below- EUR, GBP, USD, CNY, AUD, PLN, ILS, ZAR, CHF, NOK, CAD, NZD, NOK, ILS, SGD, PLN and JPY.  They offer liquidity services to customers through the global Tier One banks.

Customer Service

In general, Easy Forex lays a lot emphasis on customer supports and provides every trader that registers with them an account manager. They also offer their top customers higher training on how to use the platform and trade successfully in the market. Easy-Forex support services can be accessed through phone with various European-based numbers together with selected numbers outside the European Union. Traders can as well contact the customer service officers through email, SMS, Twitter and online chat. They also offer live news videos and reports via email are available round the clock during the forex trading sessions.


  1. They offer fixed spreads in every type of market that the trader is interested in.
  1. The trader can trade on both forex and commodities
  2. Their MetaTrader platform is very popular, very stable and very dependable.
  3. Easy forex allows a customer to open an account with as little 25 US dollars
  4. Fast and easy processes of deposit like credit card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.
  5. The website can be translated into 10 different languages
  6. The websites is packed full with instructional materials
  7. They have alert services


1. Americans are not accepted

2. There is a charge for sms alert services

3. The list of asset is incomplete

Average Rating

Avarage customer rating is 4 out of 5 stars. They are one of the top forex brokers available and their MetaTrader4 Platform is very popular and widely used round the world due to its reliability.


Easy-Forex is a suitably regulated forex brokerage. It is very reliable and dependable as well as a highly recommended forex brokerage. Their ability to advertise on Bloomberg TV is an indication of how financially viable they are.

Thousands of traders who have used their platform for years are quite happy with their services while there are some who think that easy forex make money out of their customer’s losses. Sadly, almost all forex brokerages do this but that does not mean that people should no longer trade forex. It will be wise to use a few accredited brokers concurrently instead of using just one broker to limit your loss.

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