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Spread: 3 Min. lot: 0.01 Execution: ECN
Leverage: 1:500 Country: Australia Regulated by: ASIC
Min. deposit: 500 Platforms: MetaTrader, WebTrader, FXTG Multiterminal Payment methods:
Headquarters: Level 1, 499 St Kilda Road Melbourne

FXTG is a legitimate and regulated Forex broker with its base in Australia. The company was opened since 2005.  The brokerage works assiduously to make available to its clients, the most safe, most secure and most useful services that are available for traders in the forex market. The brokerage due to its excellent performance has been awarded by the World Finance Magazine as the best forex broker in Australia.

They work very hard to make sure that traders who sign up with them have the benefit of a simple, smooth, hassle free trade experience that translates into successful and winning trades on the long run. It has been voted World Finance Magazine Top Trading Platform 2011. FXTG Pty is regulated in Australia by AFSL with the registration number of 290108.

The company address of FXTG is:

Level 1, 499 St Kilda Road



Their web address and phone numbers are written below:

Website: www.fxtg.com
Phone: +61 3 9020 2175 | +61 3 9020 2175
Fax: +61 3 9866 4294 | +61 3 9866 4294

Their websites can be accessed through different languages English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Hindi.

FXTG has varieties of unique features that made it outstanding in the forex market. FXTG as well has an ECN account which is a great help for traders whose intention is to trade on low variable spreads. They also have above 180 symbols to put forward for traders, beginning from Forex, CFDs, indices and commodities.

FXTG as well offer an automatic trading facility with above 200 proficient and specialist traders to select from that will carry out trades on the behalf of a customer.

FXTG also offers protected accounts for a 30 days period. The protected account ensures that any losses incurred within this period will be refunded to the trader while every profit made during this period will be retained by the trader.

FXTG takes forex education as a very crucial and important aspect of its strategy. They train and instruct customers from different countries and with different forex trading experience on the best way to trade forex for a maximum profit.

Account Type

FXTG provides to its customers various services like full online trading package which incorporates forex trading on the top global FX trading Platform MT4, mobile trading for every type of phone, ECN account, Automated Trading, Practice/demo accounts, Restricted Risk Accounts, Low spread trading As well as a free online education and training. The FXTG Webtrader is the perfect answer for traders that want swift access to their trading platform. The trader just log into the site and start trading without needing to download anything. The FXTG webtrader matches the standard metatrader in its function and can easily be connected to by any computer so long as it has an internet connection.

ECN Account:

The FXTG ECN account starts from $2 per round trip. It has electronic network account of about 1:150 leverage, allows expert advisors, offers a commission of $3.5 per lot, direction and non compulsory mini account of 0.01 lots.

Classic account: 

The FXTG Classic account starts from 1 pip and guarantees all the traders fixed spreads that suits their trading, leverage of up to 1:300, sophisticated charting, technical indicators together with daily market analysis without requiring being charged for commissions or expected to pay any hidden charges.

Trading platforms

1. MetaTrader4 for PC

FXTG trading software due to its excellent performance has won them many awards. It permits traders to obtain experience in trading, offers free charting and provides tools that help in forex analysis tools as well as the ability to research technical indicators and automate their online trading activity.

2. Webtrader

The Web Trader platform allows the trader to trade anywhere without download. With the web trader a trader easily and swiftly trades online with every function and features of a standard metatTrader4 platform available for his trading.

3. MetaTrader4 for iPhone

FXTG Meta Trader4 for iphone adds another function to the function of iphone. You can trades with iphone anytime and while on the go. It offers you every trading feature you would require to trade forex.

4. MetaTrader4 for Android

Also this platform allows users of android to trade forex at all times. The FXTG mobile trading is currently compatible with android. All the trader needs to do is to download the platform and start trading.

5. MetaTrader4 for Mobile Devices

The FXTG Webtrader can now be accessed via miniature screens. The simple and hassle-free interface is currently handy and very easy to use. The webtrader is compatible with every web-enabled device.

6. FXTG MultiTerminal

The FXTG MultiTerminal MT4 trading platform is intended to handle various forex trading accounts at the same time. It offers account managers and traders who manage many accounts with a useful and convenient approach.

7. MetaTrader4 for Smart Phone/phone cab

FXTG mobile trading software can be installed on any mobile device. It has versions that could be used to trade forex in all the well-known phone and PDA's. FXTG allows Over 50 tradable currency pairs.

Trading opportunities with FXTG broker

FXTG broker permits its customers to trade on

  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Shares

Customer Services

FXTG is very dedicated to ensuring that they treat all their traders equally as very important personnel. They are available to meet the needs of their customers 24hours a day for the 6 days in a week when the market is open. They have expert personnel that are highly enthusiastic and committed to assisting all their traders with the latest and total trading information that will make their experience enjoyable and fruitful.

Overall Ratings

The average ratings for this broker are 4 out of five stars.


  • They provide free forex education to their traders directly and affiliated with top forex education centers
  • They provide fixed and dependable instantaneously tradable rate of streaming. 
  • They offer very high leverage of 1:300.
  • The minimum deposit for opening a life account is $1000.
  • They offer secure systems of payments online.
  • With FXTG there is no commission or hidden costs.
  • The stop loss of a trader’s account is assured.
  • They offer their traders the top global trading platform - Metatrader 4.
    They offer you a free demo and practice account of up to $100,000 demo account.
  • Mobile Trading makes it easier for traders to log into their account anytime even while on the go.
  • They are available to serve the needs of their customers 24hours a day for six days in a week.
  • They offer their customers daily market analysis.


  • They don’t allow US citizens to open an account with them. A person with a European address and who has a US account is not allowed to open account with FXTG.
  • Some of their customer’s services representative are not well informed to provide customers with answers to their questions. They sometimes depend on their colleague to provide them with the information that a customer wants.


Many customers of FXTG testified that the company has made many changes to ensure that their trading software is easy to trade with.

The FXTG business aim is to eventually offer their customers with the best service available which is reflected in their website and when speaking with them on the phone. Despite the fact that a few customers are unhappy due one experience or the other, FXTG is a legitimate and properly regulated broker who strives on a daily basis to meet the needs and demands of their loyal customers.