Daily20pip Forex Trading System

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Daily20pip Forex Trading System

The Daily20p (D20p) system is a once a day system trading the GBP a bit before the opening of the London market. It is a breakout system based on the daily pivot point. There are some days that are “No Trade” days, as the Entry Levels do not get hit.

The intent of this paper is to quantify the various components of the D20p system, and offer various modifications suggested by it’s various users. It is all for your
consideration and should not be followed blindly. Rather one should endeavor to grasp the intent of the system, and follow the forum discussions regarding specific day-by-day trades. The best learning is by tracking the trades, and their subsequent discussions, while demo-ing the system yourself, on your own platform.

It is hoped that this document will be an evolving work, being updated as new concepts and procedures become developed.

Virtually all of this information can be found on the forums at daily20pip.com. These forums should continue to be the foremost source for system information, as you get daily feedback and analysis of these trades.

We also assume that you have a basic knowledge of Market, Stop & Limit Orders, how they function, and how to apply them. We will not discuss them here.

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