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April 30, 2012 06:55 AM

MT4 Protrader was developed with the goal to create a compact "all-in-one" multi-indicator and trading tool for Metatrader 4 trading platform that would allow you to keep a watchful eye on all timeframes, this being key to precise trade and decisions. MT4 Protrader offers not only a really simple way to trade on the right side of the market, but also has enough complexity as an analytical tool to gauge subtle nuances in price movement at a glance. Having all the elements to trade manually, semi-manually or to develop fully automated strategies with ease, this tool will help you find more clarity to steer profitably through the turbulent oceans of world markets.

Compact and Powerful

Traders are on daily basis searching for a trading tool, which would allow performing complete chart analysis for them using the powerful and popular indicators. MT4 ProTrader was designed to provide all these features packed in a compact and easy-to-read and use tool displayed directly on chart to allow for trading with more fun, easy of use and high effectiveness. Improve and simplify your MT4 trading of Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, Metals and other.

Complete Chart Analysis

Proper chart analysis is the key to the successful trading. MT4 ProTrader allows you to watch more than 10 indicators in one spot, instantly know the current trend across 7 timeframes, to see all the current intraday trends as well as the daily trend, setup custom signals to suit your trading style, set fractal, parabolic or custom stops automatically, detect breakouts, hedge automatically, setup reverse signals (countertrend), trade fibonacci levels, develop and backtest strategies and much more.

Monitoring Trading Sessions

Altought market is open 24 hours a day thus giving traders an opportunity to trade during day and night, it is very important to know the right time to trade in order to trade successfully. Knowing when the market is most active and is highly liquid and on the other hand when the market is slow and calm is now an easy task using MT4 ProTrader.

Automatic Multitasking

Now you can have one simple trading tool do all the calculations for you automatically. MT4 Protrader will perform full money management, risk management, complete market technical analysis, trades management and much more for you. Set your MT4 ProTrader according to your preferred trading style. No other tool will provide you this much power. Easily create your own trading strategies, backtest them, share them with your friends and other traders using presets.

Offline Chart Support

Increasing popularity of RangeBar or Renko charts due to their ability to provide traders with a new, different and cleaner view on the markets and price activity, MT4 traders are in need of equally analyzing their MT4 offline charts as regular charts. MT4 ProTrader allows for complete offline chart analysis with its built-in offline-chart function. As a free bonus, MT4 ProTrader package comes with a free RangeBar and Renko charting scripts.

Custom Strategy Import

Traders can easily connect and run their own, custom trading strategies through MT4 ProTrader using the Custom Strategy function. Such trading strategy can either be traded on its own, or in combination with other trading strategies integrated in MT4 ProTrader.

1-click Trading from Chart

Opening and managing a Trade in MT4 is a multi-step process. MT4 Protrader comes with a built-in 1-click trading tool located directly on chart. Managing trades has never been so easy. 1-click Trading allows you to open and close trades, set your SL and TP, Break-even and Trailing Stops, all directly from the chart. On-chart spread calculator and live-profit-display will be loved by you if you‘re a manual trader.

Manual / Semi or Full Automatic Trading

We understand that trading preferences of each trader are different. Development of MT4 ProTrader was carried out by taking into account this fact. You can set MT4 ProTrader to generate signals based on your specific setup, which you can either execute manually or automatically using it‘s built-in Auto-trading feature.

Built-in Strategy Generator

With MT4 ProTrader you can create trading strategies from scratch using the inbuilt strategy generator. Use Strategy Tester to combine the 35 trade signals into a profitable automated strategy optimized to market conditions. A virtually unlimited number of strategies can be created this way.

Unique Design

MT4 ProTrader comes in a unique click-on-screen interface, different from any other MT4 application you have seen so far, thus creating a more eye-pleasing and more comfortable chart analysis, which leads to efficient trading for new-comers and professionals alike. Ability to hide/show the 1-click panel, Analysis panel and other main tools directly from chart, when needed, saves you time and space on chart to allow you to focus on your trading. MT4 ProTrader is managed directly on an MT4 chart without needing any additional trading platform or console.