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May 7, 2013 02:06 AM
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Omega Trend Indicator is known to be the most effective Forex indicator that you can find in the market today. This software is MT4-based and is more on the 4 fundamental strategies that you can use to achieve success every time you join the trade. It comes with the best combination of refined trend detection of the market and visual indicators that are simple to use. You can use this Forex market trend indicator to capitalize and pinpoint the profit opportunities you may get. It might be the tool that you can use to make more returns.

Omega Trend Indicator is just not any ordinary software. After testing this tool, we are glad to inform you that it is definitely going to be beneficial to boost your income with Forex as compared to several investors’ products. It would be right to claim that it is worth every penny spent to get this indicator. Before writing this review, we have verified with some of the leading trend indicators in the Forex market and we have found that the Omega Trend Indicator scores significantly higher in all the area. Needless to say, IT IS NOT SCAM!

Considering the large number of scams happening in the Forex market, we thought it is very important to share this piece of information with our readers. There is a lot of scamming news circulating on the market about the Omega Trend Indicator. We would like to assure that it is the safest tool to be used, of late. The Omega Trend Indictor is different in many ways. First of all, it is one of the most affordable tools to be tried. Secondly, if you want to be guided safely through this ever-volatile foreign exchange trading market, then this is the most appropriate tool for you.

4 Fundamental Strategies of Omega Trend Indicator

We were really impressed with the 4 fundamental strategies followed by the Omega Trend Indicator. The proven system is ideal for deciphering the current Forex market.

Here’s a brief narration of the strategies:

Strategy#1: Move Early to Earn Better Returns

Forex trading market has been volatile, as always. It is overrun by specialist traders who can jump big on the market movements any time they materialize. If your position is not correct before this movement, you will miss out the opportunity. The algorithm maintained by Omega Trend Indicator is such that it utilizes the market trends for detecting early market movement and signs. It also delivers the necessary information to the trading platform so that you can capitalize on any emerging opportunity.

Strategy#2: Volatility Estimation

How long can you stay in the market? When is the right time for taking your profit? Where is the point to set the stop-loss? These are the 3 most critical questions that can be detrimental for the trading strategy and they may be incredibly difficult for answering in that very moment. It is very important to device the lower and upper limits of the Forex market, which you can do by using Omega Trend Indicator. The tool shows you the estimate lower and upper limit of latest market trend, which is vital for your trading. It will save you time and help you to maintain your goal.

Strategy#3: Detecting Market Break

Market trends do not persist in the same way throughout the trading session. There are times when you must set the stop-loss as well as exit positions before you lose valuable gains. Omega Trend Indicator has one visual indicator, which is dedicated to track potential market reversals. This trend line can be used for stopping loss order or protecting positions. That makes is easier and convenient for users.

Strategy#4: Scalping Opportunities

Scalping situations and opportunities are very important in the Forex trading market. Short-term pivots offer potential opportunities for scalping in the market for those traders wanting to build their session profit at the rate of 1-2 pips at once. The Omega Trend Indicator offers a secondary pivot to indicate potential scalping opportunities. You can even diversify the trading strategy with the help of this same indicator.

Omega Trend Indicator chart window

Great Features about Omega Trend Indicator

We have used the Omega Trend Indicator and it was possible to identify that there are some outstanding features associated with it. We were impressed to know that a trend indicator could be so easy to use unlike most others that come with a lot of complications.

  • Instant Download: Omega Trend Indicator is downloadable software. But there’s nothing to worry. You can have the software downloaded in your computer within seconds. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and download it, install it in your computer, and start using. However, the only drawback is that the software does not run in Mac or other operating systems; it has been designed for Windows only.
  • Tutorial: You will hardly find any trend indicator that comes with a tutorial. Omega Trend Indicator has its quick-install tutorial feature that is amazing to use. Because traders normally trade using the software and have no time to go through an elaborate tutorial, an easy to install quick guide has been designed to make sure it is useful for traders.
  • Compatibility: Omega Trend Indicator is marked for its compatible features. It is 100% compatible with the leading MT4 platforms. You can also overlay the indictor right after it has been installed using the Quick Install Tutorial.
  • Support:  We were really impressed with the customer support and service team. They were always ready to help, whether it is help desk support or email support, the Omega Trend Indicator is definitely reliable and trader-friendly. In case of any questions, you can reach the customer service desk via email. You can also submit a ticket to the help desk and seek resolution.

Quick Look at the Features

You can also take a quick look at some of the interesting features that we have found in the Omega Trend Indicator:

  • Clear and concise trading signals
  • Efficient with all the market instruments available
  • Works in different timeframes
  • Scalping opportunities
  • Apt for day trading
  • Good choice for long-term trading investing
  • Latest and sound alert system
  • Support for lifetime
  • Upgradable with Omega Trend EA

What is notable About Omega Trend Indicator?

Other than the features of the Omega Trend Indicator there are a few notable things that we have identified.

Firstly, the Omega Trend Indicator is quite different from most of the Forex products that you will find on the market. The Omega Trend Indicator truly delivers as it promises. If you want to earn profits from the currency market, then this trend indicator will definitely provide an upper edge.

Secondly, the Omega Trend Indicator makes it possible for traders to think of real term profits. It is possible that traders using this tool will have real impact on foreign exchange market without being loaded. Traders can also translate thousands of Euros into multiples of thousands within a couple of days.

Thirdly, the Omega Trend Indicator is the best tool for beginners. It is not necessary to be experienced in this field in order to make money using Omega Trend Indicator. It will help you to learn everything that needs to be known about Forex so that one can learn about apt situations to make profit.

Lastly, the 60 days money back guarantee makes Omega Trend Indicator an absolutely risk-free tool to be used in the Forex trading market. This is the highlights of Omega Trend Indicator.


Overall, the Omega Trend Indicator is an above average Forex trend indicator that involves no risks at all. Because the tool as been moderately priced (on sale for $67) and it comes with 60 days money back guarantee, it is worth trying.