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Price: $249

925 Killer EA

Added on December 18, 2012 02:48 AM
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
NFA compliance: No

Isn’t it time to kill that 9 to 5 day job you feel so helplessly stuck in? Well, OZ-E-Forex is dedicated to getting you one step closer with out latest product, 925Killer EA. Now, there is no way one single EA is going to give you financial freedom over night, and 925Killer EA is no exception, but we are offering a piece to that puzzle. A long term strategy with stable returns that, when coupled with a well balanced portfolio, WILL participate in killing that boring 9 to 5 job!

925Killer EA is solid. It is not designed to make you rich! Like all of our products at OZ-E-Forex, it is designed to be part of a larger low risk portfolio. Forget profits. Focus on risk because it’s king in Forex trading.

What most traders fail to realise is the best traders in the world, the ones that manage hundreds millions of dollars, are aiming for modest returns of 15% – 20% per year. These guys are paid crazy salaries and I know your asking: “Only 20% per year? What is the point!” The point is that most retail traders take FAR TOO MUCH RISK when trading. Every trader wants to achieve 100%, 200% or 300%+ per year which is a recipe for disaster.

For the first time we are offering you an EA that is guaranteed NOT to make you rich! Instead, 925Killer EA is designed to keep your risk at a minimum and produce steady long term profits. 925Killer EA is intended to be part of a larger portfolio of EA’s and was NOT designed to be a get rich quick EA.

Forward tests


12-year backtest results


Low Risk – Risk % Per Trade = 0.5


Medium Risk - Risk % Per Trade = 1


High Risk - Risk % Per Trade = 2