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Added on February 21, 2013 03:38 AM
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Trading style: hedge, grid
Time frame: all
NFA compliance: No

Aeron EA is a 100% automated robot that trades multiple currency pairs on multiple time frames. There is no need to do the manual settings as the EA comes equipped with standard settings. However for the advanced traders, they have the flexibility to alter and reset the settings as per their trading convenience.

Aeron EA uses the safe hedge grid strategy to trade. It trades on all currency pairs. According to the author, the best performance is derived on the following currency pairs – the EUR/CHF, EURUSD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP and the USD/CHF.

The EA is designed to work on all the time frames such as M1, M5, M15, M30 and can be used on any account with varying leverages such as 100:1, 200:1, 500:1 and more. You don’t need a huge bank to trade with this EA. If your broker permits, you can trade with as little as $100.

How the EA Works

The first trade is opened based on moving average indicator.

Now, let’s say the chart sends an alert and the EA opens a buy position. If the market moves in the direction of your trade and the trades hit take profit, it closes the trade and looks for another opportunity.

In case the market moves in the opposite direction of your trade, it will open a sell trade. The lot size will depend on the parameters set in the EA.

The EA will keep on opening and closing positions based on a variety of factors such as distance between the trades, maximum allowable trades, take profit, stop loss and more.

The EA has stealth settings and your take profit and stop loss will not be visible to your broker.

Mandatory Requirement

You need a broker that allows hedge trading. So if your broker is a non hedge broker, then this EA won’t work for you.

System Description

The underlying strategy of the Aeron EA is the safe and secure grid-trading technique. It is also known as the reverse-grid. When a trade is not in your favor, then the EA enters a trade in the opposite direction to hedge your trade partially.

The reason behind this approach is to trade in the course of the present market movement all the time while taking the benefits of grid-trading profit.

Because of the very nature of this strategy, if the market is not trending, then, drawdown will be frequent. Thus, throughout the time when the market is in ranging mode, you will take a hit, while revenues will be taken at the time of bigger market movements.

The worst possible situation for this type of tactics is a ranging market that does not break out in a single direction.

Features and Characteristics

This EA is flexible and you can change all the parameters to trade as per your trading style and comfort.

  • You can instruct the EA about the trading hours, for instance if you wish to trade between a specific time, then you have the option to do that. Let’s say, you don’t want the EA to trade during the Asian session, you can change the settings accordingly.
  • The EA offers automatic Lot size calculation. For example, if you wish to open the Lots size at one percent of your account balance, then you can educate and instruct your EA to do it accordingly.
  • The EA has got its individual Magic Number; so in case you are using this EA along with some other EA, Aeron EA will not interfere with your other trades.

System Parameters

Aeron EA has kept all its parameters dynamic, meaning you can set all the vital parameters or use the preset settings that come with the EA.  When you use the preset settings, the lot size, distance between the two trades, take profit will all be calculated according to the default settings based on your account size, type and leverage.

If you are new to Forex trading, then it is strongly suggested that you do not touch any of the settings without properly understand its implications on your trade. Remember that hedge grid is a complex strategy, it is not just about buying and selling the same trade!

For your clarity, the system parameters are described below

Some of the parameters of the Aeron EA are:

Maximum Lots: It is the max value of the Lots size which you can view in your account by means of the EA. The EA will not open any position once the maximum lots is reached.

Total Positions: It is the total number of buy and sell positions which can be opened by the EA.

Reset Days: You can specify the number of days here. If any trade reaches the number you’ve specified in the Reset Days, the EA will close the trade and start afresh.

Reset Profit: This is the percentage of the account balance. For example, if the Reset profit=18, the EA will close all positions when the profit on the open position reaches 18%

Auto Dilute:  One of the smart features for safety. With this feature, the number of open trades is restricted. Once the maximum number of allowable trades is reached, the EA will start closing the positions.

Live Performance


The EA can earn between 7 to 50% profits in a month, based on how conservative or risky your settings are. The number of trades the EA makes again would depend on the parameters set. For example, if you’ve put up no trading restrictions, the EA will trade round the clock.

The Good

The Aeron EA website is one with no hype. There are no fancy designs and hyped up promises made on the website. The author has put up live MT4i results, which one should check before investing in this EA.

The Bad

Since the Aeron EA uses the hedge grid strategy to limit the losses, it will also limit your profits. So, in short, this EA can bring you small consistent gains.

If the market is in a ranging mood, the hedge grid method will not work and you’ll end up making losses. It should be remembered that hedge grid strategy works well only in trending market. The market is trending only 20% to 30% of the time. This means that majority of the times, the EA will not be of use or it may bring losses.


Although hedge grid trading strategy per se is a great strategy to protect your capital, in the current market scenario when the markets are increasingly volatile and the volume is low, it is difficult to judge the profitability potential of this EA.

Other cause of concern is that the EA is completely flexible and lets you alter as many parameters as you chose and also lets you have complete control on money management rules. While this can be a great feature for those who has mastered the complex hedge grid strategy, for new comers in the market, this feature is hardly of any use.

In other words, it could also mean that the author has not added money management feature and has left it to the sole discretion of the users.