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Added on June 11, 2012 12:24 AM
Trading style: based on a custom indicator
Currency pairs: any
Time frame: any
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: No

Everything in DuettoFX is related to the number 2. We use two pairs to have our entry/exit signals, we enter two trades and now we have developed two EAs both based on the same core strategy but with a different trading approach: the “Dynamic Lot Sizing” and the “Swing” strategies.

The basic idea is the same: take two currencies that are inverserly correlated (that is they move in opposite directions most of the time) and trade them by using the “crosses” between their relative strengths. Very simple but powerful as every single entry comes from double signals so it is particularly strong and reliable. They don’t happen often but when they do, we know that most of the times we’ll make money out of them.

Why two strategies? Because we’ve found that this basic idea can be traded in many different ways. Those two are the ones that we’ve found working well for us.

After we released the DuettoFX Indicator some weeks ago and a lot of people started to make real profit with it from day one. The DuettoFX “DLS” and “Swing” EAs are made to help those people make even more profits, and to allow profiting from DuettoFX also people who don’t have the time to stay in front of charts.

But what can you expect from trading DuettoFX EAs?

We tested DuettoFX over a 25 months period and results are impressive:

- over 1.000 pips per month on average using the basic strategy trading 5 “duettos”
- very low drawdown. Most of the times DuettoFX gets into profit almost immediately after the entry signal

We also showed in detail 8 simple trades scoring around 1.000 pips overall during last February and March on EURUSD only. And they were only a small fraction of the many winning trades we personally entered thanks to DuettoFX.

Now everything has been automated.

We also improved the “basic” strategies with new and better performing strategies like the “Wave Trailing” for the DLS strategy that we’ve seen helps incredibly in banking profits by using a sinusoidal function to normalize the DLS lot sizes.

As you know due to MT4 platform limits we can’t backtest performances of a multi-currency strategy like DuettoFX‘s one. So we had to “port” the DuettoFX EAs to other platforms and backtest them.

Here are just a few examples of some backtests we performed on the JForex platform:

This first chart shows the DLS Trader EA Trading ONLY on EURUSD (using signals from EURUSD/USDCHF) with the new “Wave Trailing” function: +700 pips in one year and on just one side of a single “duetto”.

The second chart shows the Swing Trader EA trading EURUSD only using the same strategy we used to score some of the best trades lately. This backtest confirms that the strategy is rock solid over an extended period of time.

40 trades in one year and +2172 pips (for EURUSD only) but we know that the same strategy works very well for AUUSD and USDCAD.

Third chart, Swing trader again. This is an “always in the Market” approach. Same period as the previous chart on EURUSD.40 trades and +1601 pips but using a semi-automatic approach we could have made much much more by simply looking at the DuettoFX indicator divergences that as we know can be very reliable and forecast trend changes.

The last one is Swing Trader but with fixed stop loss and take profit. Even with a very simple approach like that DuettoFX is proofing to be reliable and profitable.  +1163 pips on EURUSD only. Probably this strategy approach can work very well even on lower timeframes than the default one (1H) for example on the 15M.

Those are just a few examples of what the DuettoFX EAs can do for you.

Default settings are made for EAs to be applied to 1H charts. But the EA can be applied to any timeframe even if we suggest you to stay with default settings and timeframe. We also provide you with a list of pairs that perform best based on our backtests and experience. But you are not tied to use them only and the EAs (as the indicator) can be applied to any couple of currency pairs (and to any timeframe).