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Price: $269

EA Sigma 4.0

Added on May 22, 2012 02:39 AM
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Time frame: M30
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
NFA compliance: No
  • 100% automated Forex trading system
  • Advanced built in money management to maximize returns
  • It recognizes market conditions and adapts itself automatically
  • Returns stable and high profits during all kinds of market conditions
  • Wins more than 95% from all trades
  • Uses fixed stop loss and take profit to nullify online trading risks
  • Tested with historical data back to 1999 and used on live trading accounts since June 2010

The EA Sigma is an automated Forex trading system which uses state of the art technology to find the most profitable trading opportunities. EA Sigma does this by scanning the market and utilizing a huge range of factors, including:

  • Trend continue patterns
  • Custom indicators
  • Inter market data
  • Overbought and oversold levels
  • Economic news
  • Volatility analysis
  • Market depth (liquidity) analysis

All data are analyzed in real time, which is impossible even for the most experienced currency traders on the world, but the EA Sigma can do it within milliseconds.

100% Automated “Hands Free” Trading

EA Sigma uses these methods to find the most profitable trading opportunities with the highest probability of success. It then places these trades and manages them to generate high profit with minimal risk. It uses the latest trading techniques and trading knowledge to place and exit trades in the IDEAL situations where the most profit has been made.

Adapts to every market condition for stable profits 24/7

EA Sigma does not just use this information to calculate the most profitable trading opportunities. It also uses it to adapt itself to varying market conditions. No matter how volatile the market may be. EA Sigma will adjust its trade logic when the market conditions are changing to improve performance and provide a stable stream of profitable trades.

24/7/365 automated trading

It scans the market 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to find the short term trading opportunities with only the highest mathematical probability of success. No gut feelings, no bias and no fear.

60 Days no risk, no worry, can’t lose money back guarantee

We know that EA Sigma is one of the best automated Forex Trading Systems available today and we are ready to prove it. That’s why we offer 60 days no risk, no worry, can’t lose money back guarantee. If within 60 days the trading system you bought doesn’t return positive results we’ll refund you 100% from the buy price.