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Price: $147


Added on May 9, 2012 02:25 AM
Trading style: trending
Currency pairs: USDCHF,EURGBP
Time frame: M15
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: Yes
License: 5 accounts

EuroRise is professional software for automatic Forex trading for the MetaTrader platform. It trades on the M15 charts of the USDCHF and EURGBPcurrency pairs. It works fine with only 25 - 35 pips stoploss, standard money management with 1% - 5% risk per trade and its average trade holding time is about 2 and half hours. It uses simple, clean trading methods without any martingale, stoploss widening or any other unprofessional and dangerous practices.

1. Consistent, verified, real money forward test!

Here you can see live, real money, third-party verified account statements. The statement is verified by a well-known, trustworthy third-party(, which verifies the statements by logging in to the accounts and verifying that the particular trades were really taken. It has also been traded publicly since the beginning, so there is absolutely no way for us to fake it.



2. See the exact price point at which a trade is going to be triggered!

Don't you HATE using EA's that don't even show you under what conditions they're going to trade?
EuroRise uses limit orders for both closing AND opening trades, so that you can always see what it's going to do!

3. Robust live trading with positive slippage!

Don't you HATE testing strategies on demo accounts only to find out they ONLY work on demo accounts?
Provided you use an honest borker, the slippage caused by using standard market orders is usually the reason why this happens, because with market orders, the slippage will almost always be against you. With limit orders on the other hand, the slippage almost always works FOR you. EuroRise uses only limit orders for both closing AND opening the trades. That's why the slippage is positive most of the time, which makes the overall live trading resultsbetter instead of worse! (This is not just a theory BTW, EuroRise will record and show your average slippage).
4. The backtest matches the forward test!
Don't you HATE having to deal with completely unrealistic and irrelevant backtest results?
Because of the insufficient quality of the very rough data provided by the major data provider (MT4), backtesting gained a reputation of a worthless tool lately. However, EuroRise has been backtested on professional, real, variable spread, tick-by-tick data. The backtest trades match the trades taken during the forward test, which means this backtest is a completely valid indicator of the system profitability.
5. Measures your broker's suitability!
Don't you HATE the insecure feeling of not knowing whether or not your broker will work with your strategy as your account grows?
EuroRise monitors the average slippage and spread and rates your broker's suitability on a scale from 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor), so that you can be sure you are on the right track!
6. Your account is protected by equity curve stoploss!
Don't you HATE worrying about your account being wiped out?
EuroRise protects your account by an equity curve stoploss system. Simply put, this is a stoploss put on equity curve. On certain level of drawdown, the software stops trading and takes only virtual trades and after the equity curve starts going up again, it starts trading for real again!

7. Outstanding profitability vs. risk ratio!

Don't you HATE risking a lot to earn little?
Check out the live forward tests and the professionally performed backtests out to see the maximum drawdown and the average yearly return!
8. Simple, yet effective trading logic!
Don't you HATE complex, overoptimized systems that only work for some time and then - naturally - break down?
EuroRise is based purely on price action instead of on some overoptimized indicators. That's what allows it achieve relatively stable trading results during any market conditions, including the extreme ones (as proven during August 2011).

9. No black boxing - trading logic revealed!

Don't you HATE not having a clue about what your strategy bases decisions on?
Although we do not reveal the exact algorithm, of course, we know that it is hard to blindly trust a software when you have no clue how it works. That's why we roughly explain at least the basic principle on which EuroRise here. EuroRise first determines the current support and resistance and also the current trend. If the current trend is up, but the price hits the support, EuroRise goes long, expecting the price to return back to normal and the other way around. This strategy is built on basic laws of market - no overoptimized indicators, just pure simple and robust strategy.
10. Amount of live account traders closely monitored!
Don't you HATE worrying about your robots getting used by too many people to be profitable for you?
If there are signs that the amount of live account users could start negatively affecting trading results, we will take the necessary steps to forestall it (this can be taking the software off the market or modifying the strategy for new clients - the backtests and forward tests published are always for the currently sold version, of course).
  • Fast, reliable support
  • Correct, responsible coding
  • All updates free of charge
  • 100% money back guarantee