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Forex Demolition

Added on May 28, 2012 07:38 AM
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Time frame: M5
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: No

Forex Demolition is a completely automatic, hands free robot with a revolutionary built-in intelligent economic news avoidance system. Forex Demolition was designed with the needs of both beginner and advanced traders. Forex Demolition offers traders – regardless of their skill level – multiple tried and tested trading strategies that operate entirely on autopilot. As far as we're aware Forex Demolition is the only Forex robot on the market that offers so many profitable trading strategies in one package. Keep on reading to find out how many.

You don't have to mess around with any specialized settings or babysit the system. Just install it on your system and it will automatically take care of everything for you. Then you are free to go to your day job, do your house chores or even go on vacation while Forex Demolition trades for you day and night. Forex demolition never sleeps, it never gets tired, it has no emotions to interfere with its trading strategies, and unlike a human trader it never makes mistakes.

Yet the best part is you don't need any prior experience in the Forex market. It doesn’t matter if you an expert or a newbie – anyone can easily earn money with the Forex Demolition robot. We worked really hard to make Forex Demolition extremely easy to use and 100% automatic. It's as close as possible to a “set it and forget it” trading system as can be realistically expected.

Below Is A List Of The GREAT Features We Believe Sets Forex Demolition Apart From Other Forex Robots...

  • Forex Demolition comes with THREE separate main trading strategies operating on multiple time frames – that means you actually get FOUR trading systems for the price of ONE!!
  • Forex Demolition has a very intelligent money management system! It knows exactly how much money to risk for each of the trading strategies. It will gradually increase the size of its trades as the account balance grows, and conversely decrease the size of its trades whenever the account balance decreases. The gradual increase of the size of its trading positions puts the power of compounding to work for you.
  • Also, one quick glance at the chart Forex Demolition is attached to and you know immediately how much money it is going to risk per trade. The risk per trade is displayed on your chart as an actual sum in the default currency of your trading account - such as for example $500 USD per order. With most other forex robots you don't have a clue how much you are risking until you have actually lost it!
  • Forex Demolition has a built-in economic news avoidance system. Yes, it knows when important economic news releases are announced and it intelligently avoids trading both BEFORE and AFTER these news events. As far as we are aware Forex Demolition is the only forex robot to have this capability.

Checkout Out the Backtests

Now we know that backtests should not be relied upon 100% and that they do not predict future performance, but they do give you a guide roughly what you should expect if market conditions do not radically alter. We've backtested Forex Demolition with the most accurate method available - Dukascopy tick data. The modeling quality is the highest and about as best as one can hope for when backtesting forex robots. Here are the backtests:


The difference among the backtests is the maxopenorders variable which affects the way the money management system decides what size lots to trade with.

These backtests makes us wish we had Forex Demolition around back in 2007!! We should also note that although we ran the backtests until 2011-02-11 the EA trades only until 2010.08.24 23:03 because that's as far as the tick data went at the time. The only different among the backtests is the maximum number of open trades. The lower the number the larger the trades Forex Demolition took on.


Live Trading

Forex Demolition is generating profits for us and our beta testers. It has been doing wonders for us since we set it up on our live accounts and it continues to make profits without us having to do anything!

All of these accounts where in use ever since we started development on Forex Demolition, so they went through some tough "growing pains." Thus the most recent (2011 and up) results reflect the performance of the latest and final Forex Demolition EA version.

Live Alpari UK Account:


Live MB Trading Account #1:


Live MB Trading Account #2 (belongs to one of our long term beta testers):


Demo MB Trading Account (started before the live accounts):


Unlike some forex robots sellers, we do NOT fake performance results. The performance results you see above are 100% genuine! All our trading accounts are verified by the popular trading statement hosting website thus ensuring that there is no possible way they can be misleading. Both account statements and trading priveledges have been verified. We really hate it when we see performance statements on the websites of other forex robots that are clearly just made up. That's why we decided to have our performance verified by an independent third party such as


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