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Added on February 18, 2013 07:41 AM
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Trading style: trending
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Time frame: M15
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
NFA compliance: Yes
License: 1 real account

Forex Invest Bot comes hot on the heels of the well-received Forex Growth Bot written by Russian programmer Eugene L. After 3 years of good profits with Forex Growth Bot, Eugene is back with a new automated forex system which he claims is the best bot he’s created to date.

Eugene is a professional forex trader himself so he knows exactly what goes into making a successful trading system. Trained in mathematics, Eugene does all his programming in C++ first before later converting into the MetaTraderformat. Eugene is obviously a talented guy with a lot of passion for trading and if Forex Invest Bot is anywhere near as good as its predecessor, Forex Invest Bot users might be in for a nice ride.


It’s clear from the site that Eugene is pretty much a one man shop when it comes to creating trading programs. Because of this, Eugene does not give away too much info about the strategy employed in the Forex Invest Bot.

However, what is clear is that this system utilizes volatility in order to place trades. By combining forex volatility indicators over two different timeframes, the EA is able to determine when volatility is picking up and then opens positions in the direction of the trend. It tends to close positions relatively quickly and then will wait on the sidelines until another opportunity arises. This seems like a sound strategy since periods of volatility nearly always coincide with the strongest trends and therefore most profitable opportunities.

As a volatility system, the Forex Invest Bot is pretty similar to the previous Forex Growth Bot but Eugene claims the entry and exit criteria have been vastly improved. Not only that, the advanced system has a ‘Wave’ trailing stop and also the ability to reinvest profits. This is good for building up capital although it will tend to increase the size of drawdowns.

Currently, the bot is only designed to work on EUR.USD, which is a bit of a disappointment since it would be nice to be able to trade other markets. Obviously, if you were looking for a market to trade, EUR.USD would be a good choice, but it can get congested at times.

Another possible issue with the Forex Invest Bot is that it sometimes places a large number of trades. Some users have commented that it’s possible to have over 15 simultaneous positions while running the bot. This is alarming, however, according to Eugene, the newest version of the bot no longer has this problem. Nevertheless,it is essential to run the system fully for a couple of weeks and tweak the settings in order to reduce the impact of simultaneous trades. By doing so, it should be possible to get the suggested 3-5 trades a day and achieve the same kind of returns as posted on the Forex Invest Bot web site.


In terms of risk management, the bot utilizes fixed lot position sizing so no chance of martingale destroying your account here. It is also able to scale into winning positions thus making winners outweigh losers by a decent margin. The EA is also able to adjust risk down to a level of 0.01 lots depending on the user’s risk tolerance.

Past Performance

Programmer Eugene provides a number of historical back tests of the Forex Invest Bot, many of which have been verified by

On the sales page of the Forex Invest Bot website, Eugene provides trading reports that show how the bot turned $3,000 into over $2.5m, trading EUR.USD. The test was based on a 15 minute time frame and spans the trading period 1st January 2007 to 10th of October 2012, with the bot running on the medium risk setting.

Further back tests reveal the system making a monthly return of over 13%, trading EUR.USD between 2010 and 2013. These results have been verified by and show impressive returns. The maximum drawdown during this time however was a rather large 43% - quite high for a day trading EA.

On further investigation,it appears the drawdown did occur during the stock market correction last July and the EA has since recovered nicely – It hit new highs just two months after the max drawdown. For a lower drawdown, forex traders might also consider moving to the low-risk setting.

The back test results run on EUR.USD all show impressive gains and smooth upward sloping equity curves although it’s worth rememberingthat many of the tests have been run with a broker spread of just 1 pip. Although 1 pip spreads can be found for EUR.USD with some ECN brokers, it is not always possible to find 1 pip spreads with ordinary brokers. These calculations therefore need to be taken into account before running the program.


Here is how Forex Invest Bot can turn $3,000 to $195,000 with a low-risk set:


Here is how Forex Invest Bot can turn $3,000 to $2,536,000 with a medium-risk set:


Future Performance

The future performance of the Forex Invest Bot is impressive and largely consistent with the historical tests that are shown on the website. Verified by, the future accounts are all showing decent gains with upward sloping equity curves. Over the conducted tests, the system maintains a win to loser ratio of over 60% and a risk/reward ratio of about 1.2:1. Profit factor is also above 1.7.

While reviewing the future tests it does appear that volatility picked up slightly during the most recent two months. Closer inspection reveals that volatility trading EUR.USD was slightly higher than average during the period, probably coinciding with the recent change of trend in the Euro. However the system still managed to return strong gainsand program equity is just a fraction away from all-time highs.


Forex Monitor Forward Test


Like its predecessor, Forex Invest Bot is an impressive EA that is delivering consistent gains, even as the Euro chops and changes, vacillating under the pressures ofa stagnant economy and the political uncertainty that grips some of its members.

Trading only one product would be a problem for some but for Eugene it is anything but.  EUR.USD is his bread and butter and trading it is what he does best. By knowing the market inside outEugene is able to have an advantage over less knowledgeable traders and he passes this knowledge on to us in the form of this expertly put together EA.

The future performance of any EA or bot is never guaranteed and it’s possible that any good system can be destroyed if it becomes too popular.However, in a comparison of over 50 widely available forex bots, the Forex Invest Bot has returned the second most profit over nearly 60 weeks. This makes it one of the strongest performers on the market.