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Added on May 2, 2012 02:16 AM
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“A Never Done Before Case Study That PROVES Forex Megadroid's Supremacy In The Forex Industry”

Before you continue reading, note the “Never Done Before” part in the above sentence because this is KEY... it is what will finally prove that Forex Megadroid and the team behind it are a leading and reliable authority in automated FX trading.

We have truly gone that extra mile to separate ourselves from every other single Forex robot in the industry and in a moment you will understand what we mean!

As many know, Forex Megadroid was officially launched on March 30th, 2009 and has been continuously available since then. 

Yes, 1129 days ago.

1129 days that the robot has been accepted by traders around the globe as the #1 automatic FX trading solution. 

1129 days that the robot has been proving to everyone that:

1. It is the most profitable FX robot in the industry, and

2. It is the most CONSISTENT robot in the industry

Now...what is the most important point of all this? 

Think about it very carefully...

Is it that Forex Megadroid is the most profitable robot on the market? Is it that it is the most consistent robot in the market?

Simply put, NO!

Sounds strange right? Well, not really! Please keep reading...

The Most Important Thing, And What Truly Separates Us From 99% Of Other FX Robots 
Is That We Update The Robot's Performance Proof On A Daily Basis On Our Website... 
Have Been Doing It For 1129 Days Now... And Will Continue Doing It Forever... 

...Nothing To Hide!


We KNOW that Forex Megadroid is the best robot in the market, we KNOW that its performance is the most stable in the market... and, therefore, we are not afraid to show YOU every single day what the robot has been producing.

- How many robot owners can claim this? 

- How many robot owners are transparent enough to update their robot’s performance on a daily basis?

- How many robot owners are so confident about the future of their robot's performance that they allow YOU to see its REAL performance on a daily basis?

Well... if you have been browsing the Internet for a bit... if you have stumbled into other FX robots, than you know the answer:

NONE! Especially showin 1129 days with no interruption like we have!

That, dear friend, is what makes a good product in terms of automatic FX trading solutions.


But, it doesn't end there... not nearly!


We are obsessed with proof and, more so, with proof quality. Being in this industry for so long, we know that what matters in Forex trading is real, concrete proof... so here is what we have done.

Please pay close attention:

As you now know, Forex Megadroid was launched on March 30th, 2009... 1129 days ago.

Thousands of traders started trading the robot with incredible success... but, here is something that REALLY impressed us so read the following VERY carefully:

On April 30th, 2009 (30 days after the launch) a trader started trading Forex Megadroid on his account.

This trader started with a US $50,000 account (remember that you can start trading Forex Megadroid with as little as US $100 or less!)...

What we especially liked about this trader is not the fact that he started trading the robot (although we do like that, of course!), but the FACT that he has continued doing so up right up to today!

You see...

Here is what normally happens with Forex traders:

They buy a robot, put it on their MT4 trading accounts for a few days (some don't even get that far to be honest!) and then jump to the next robot.

It’s a stupid, non-productive cycle that normally ends with the trader losing his or her deposit. 

What impressed us with this specific trader are 3 things:

  1. He made sure NOT to fall into that vicious circle of “buy a robot, trade it for 5 days and jump to the next one”
  2. He understood that profits accumulate and are NOT a result of a few days of trading... he knew that what matters is the bottom line!
  3. His account PROVES that Forex Megadroid IS the most consistent and profitable robot on the market!


And we have to insist on the word “consistent” because that is what MATTERS in Forex trading at the end of the day.

How consistent has the robot's performance been for him?

Well... let's take a close look:



- Starting Balance: US $50,000.00
- Date Trading Started: April 30th, 2009
- Risk Level Used: 1 (conservative)
- Net Profit $: US $275,347.14 (UPDATED DAILY, REAL TIME)
- Net Profit %: 550.69% (UPDATED DAILY, REAL TIME)
- Drawdown: 11.40% (UPDATED DAILY, REAL TIME)


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