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Added on February 21, 2013 08:02 AM
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Time frame: H1
NFA compliance: Yes

If you are looking for an EA that pretty much resembles your idea of a Holy Grail, read further. Holy Grail doesn’t exist but there are some very rare EA’s (usually private) that meets those criteria. Forex Pips Bag is one of them, because:

1. It trades every signal - Suppose the EA opens a BUY trade. While the trade is floating, a SELL signal occurs. The right way is to close the BUY trade for a loss or profit and open a SELL trade, or, if your broker allows hedging, to leave the BUY alone and open a SELL. The wrong way (99% of all EA’s have this bug) is to ignore the opposite SELL signal and leave the floating BUY until it touches SL or TP level. This is simply wrong because backtests are invalid, the EA is heavily dependent of the starting time, different users on different brokers will always have different trades, everything looks like a roulette game instead of a solid decision based strategy. Forex Pips Bag trades every signal.

2. It opens/closes trades at the beginning of a new H1 bar - This makes the strategy very reliable and also broker independent. Which means all Forex Pips Bag users will have the same trades no matter what broker they are using.

3. Very tight stop loss - Stop loss is just -32 pips and it triggers at the beginning of a new H1 candle.

4. Four stop loss levels - Forex Pips Bag has 4 stop loss levels

- a full SL of -32 pips at the beginning of a new candle

- a volatility based SL which triggers once the volatility based stop loss target is reached, less than -32 pips

- current order closes for profit/loss once an opposite signal occurs. A new trade is open right away following the new signal.

- if the current trade exceeds 60 pips in profit, then stop loss level is moved at breakeven + 20 pips in order to avoid giving away all the gains if the market suddenly reverses.

Please note that the stop loss triggers at the beginning of a new H1 candle, therefore sometimes can be higher than -32 pips if the candle body is larger than -32 pips, but it that rarely happens.

5. Risk/Reward ratio is 1:2 or even more - This is one of the most effective risk management tools used in trading. Never enter a trade in which the risk-reward ratio is 1:1 or the risk outweighs the reward unless statistics show that the number of winning trades in a row is much much larger than rows of losing trades.

6. It opens a single trade at a time - Multiple open trades involve a higher risk. Even if they all are in green, the market can turn against them anytime.

7. It doesn’t suffer from broker dependency - It trades every signal and runs on a higher timeframe, H1.

8. Runs on the most traded pair, EURUSD, H1 timeframe - EURUSD is the most traded pair in the world. The more people trading it, the more predictable the trading pattern becomes.

9. 12 years backtests are displayed on the website - Forex Pips Bag is a very solid and reliable strategy, any serious vendor should show a 12 years backtest statement on the website. Most of them don’t show them because the EA doesn’t even pass the backtests, or if it does, the drawdown is very high.

10. Monte Carlo analysis is applied and future performance is being analyzed - You know what to expect, the worst and the best scenario.

11. Full NFA/FIFO compliance guaranteed - It doesn’t hedge so it can be used on all brokers, no exception.

12. Money back guaranteed ANYTIME if I don’t deliver what I promise - Please take a look at my refund policy. If I don’t deliver what I promise, I will refund your money anytime! I bet you don’t see that often.

NOTE: My live account is an extreme test (it’s overtraded), just to prove that Forex Pips Bag can survive under extreme conditions. Its starting balance is just $200 and I’m trading it with fixed 0.01 lot size. It will definitely survive and on the long run the equity will be up. You can also start with such a small account but using Money Management is not recommended for such accounts.
A minimum amount of $500 is needed in order to use Money Management.

Did you ever wonder why backtests looks terrific for many commercial advisors but they miserably fail on real trading?

1. Because they don’t trade every signal and drawdown can easily be hidden by MT4 optimizer.
Suppose a user installs the EA at 13:00 PM and the EA opens a long and that trade stays open for 3 days.
Another user installs the EA at 16:00 PM, the Ea missed previous long signal, catches a short signal and opens a short.
Now, two different users have different trades on the the same broker!
One makes money, the other loses. Well, this isn’t quite right, is it?

2. Because many commercial EA’s are running on lower timeframes and feeds are very different from broker to broker

3. Because in their quest for a quick buck, many vendors over-optimize the EA to look great on backtest only.

Forex Pips Bag is a nice and clean EA, all the above problems are solved.

I won’t insult your intelligence by inserting tons of hype, I’m gonna tell you one thing: you won’t be disappointed, not again!

Leaving aside one month money back guarantee refund policy, you can take your money back anytime (no time limits) if I don’t deliver what I promise. I bet you don’t hear that often, please visit Refund policy for more details. My complete trust in my product is backed by serious tests, months of hard work, a deeper understanding of how forex market works and statistical analysis. Beside that, it’s fair that way: if I don’t deliver what I promise, I don’t deserve your trust and your money.
If you are a serious and committed forex trader you will surely love Forex Pips Bag!


Live Performance



Standard starting balance for all tests is $10,000. All tests were conducted with standard Alpari UK data, spread=1.5 pips. For detailed statements click the pictures bellow:

Fixed lot 0.01








Stress test #1: Risk=10


Stress test #2: Risk=20!

Risk = how many percents of your available free balance are you willing to risk for a single trade?

If Risk gets higher, the drawdown gets higher too that’s why a moderate Risk is recommended. I would recommend a Risk=3 in live trading, however tests are showing that Forex Pips Bag v2.0 performs quite well for a Risk=4 at an acceptable drawdown rate.