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Forex Thor II

Added on May 2, 2012 01:19 AM
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Time frame: M30
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
NFA compliance: No

Together with my team, I've created a system that uses a mathematical model toemulate Level 2 data with incredibly high accuracy. It's the first trading system ever developed for Meta Trader that does NOT use any lagging indicators or any other backward-looking analytic methods.

We developed it to use the exact same techniques lions have been using for years AND it works no matter what they market conditions are. You heard me right: trend, range, good, bad ... they simply do NOT matter.

It's so powerful we decided to call it Thor. Thor? Yes, the hammer-wielding god that beats thunder and lightning out of the skies ... in the same way you're going to drum up loads of cash in the market.

Now, let's look at the performance figures to show you how well Thor works...

To evaluate the strength of any trading system, it needs to pass several critical tests, and it needs to pass them all, to be proven successful. No exceptions! No compromises!

These tests include:

  • Back testing for a time period of minimum 10 years
  • Back testing with real tick data
  • And, the most importantly, a minimum of six months forward testing

Now, let's a look at how Thor passed each of these tests with flying colors, starting with back testing for a time period of minimum 10 years. Although back tests have some limitations, they give traders a solid, statistical insight into how the system will react to varying market conditions.

Thor has been tested with more than 12 years of historical data. If that sounds long to you, you're right. It's unheard of!



The test ended with a total profit of 76819.88% while the drawdown was little as 8.89%. The results were confirmed and verified by myfxbook! Impressive, right?

Sure, but next, Thor needed to pass the test with real ticks.

So that you can replicate this test 1:1 for yourself, we used data from the Dukascopy Bank in Switzerland. They provide high-quality data for free that you can access as well. Because there was no data available before 2007, the test period is “only” five years.



The test ended with a total profit of 76819.88% while the drawdown was little as 8.89%. The results were confirmed and verified by myfxbook! Impressive, right?

Yes, that is OUTSTANDING, so let's fire it up and make money, right?!

Hold your horses ... there is still one more critical test to pass. And, it's the toughest one of all ... especially because back tests are worthless UNLESS the results can be validated with forward trading results!

And, that's exactly why we did a minimum of six months forward testing without any adjustment or optimization.

So, let's recap:

  • We back tested the Thor system over a period of 12 years
    During that time, it made 76819.88% profit with a small 8.89% draw down
  • We back tested it with real ticks
    Over a 5-year period it gained 2474.88% profit and a tiny 9.40% draw down
  • We performed 11 months of forward testing
    It returned 558.32% profit. Draw down was 2.98%.

With results like these, I guess you can understand why we decided to call the system THOR. But, Thor is not only a fully-automated forex trading system loaded with state-of-the-art technology…it also includes powerful features and benefits like:

  • 100% automated hands free trading and emotion free trading.
  • Superior risk to reward ratio. Stop Loss: 6-8 Pips, Take Profit: 30-42 Pips.
  • Quick installation, so the system can be up and running in minutes.
  • Zero lagging, the system does not run behind the market.
  • It's based on the same algorithms market leaders use to make millions of dollars in profit.
  • All trades are actively managed to ensure maximum profit from every single trade.
  • One-of-a-kind voice guide speaks to you, so you'll never wonder what's going on or if your settings are correct.

I can't tell you how excited I am about Thor. But, I'm not only excited, I also personally guarantee that the THOR system is the most advanced and powerful system you have ever seen and will be easier to use than any other program you've struggled with in the past.