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Added on May 21, 2012 02:54 AM
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD
Time frame: M30
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: Yes

Forex WindFall has a successful, tried and tested trading plan. It has worked for years in forward and back-testing and in real live accounts.

Forex WindFall has no fear or greed but it has a huge amount of discipline. It will sit there hour after hour, day after day and just make you money. It won’t worry about the occasional loss, this does happen from time to time. And it won’t get greedy after a string of winners. It knows that statistics are in its favour and it will simply claw back any losses and keep on climbing.


How does Forex WindFall work

In the past, manual trading was the only method available. It involved long hours studying charts and following trades. Even hourly or 4-houly inspections round the clock cause tiredness which leads to mistakes and missed opportunities. Nowadays using the expert advisor you don’t have to be at your computer waiting for the right moment to enter a trade and the crucial moment to exit the trade. Forex WindFall makes all the decisions for you, it follows the winning strategy and never misses a trade.

The Forex WindFall expert advisor uses advanced search routines to hunt for a small windows of opportunity which open up every now and again throughout the day and night in the EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD markets. It is not restricted to the asian session. Markets spiking in response to major news events generally do not trigger the trades but instead pass harmlessly over the window. Each trade is immediately assigned take profit and stop loss levels. Throughout the trade Forex WindFall continues to analyse market conditions and will step in to take an early profit or a small loss as defined by its strategy.


EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD merged result


The chart above shows the result of the last 12 years of trades on the EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD. Each trade was at a fixed $10 per pip. Although the strategy on each pair is very similar, they generally don’t trade at the same time. As a result the three strategies together smooth out the fluctuations and give a very even curve. Please don’t think that the full stop loss has not been hit; it has but the strategy working on the three pairs soon makes up the loss and carries on up.

We have NOT used curve fitting techniques such as applying different strategies to different time periods or tuning the parameters to fit the data (both would lead to disaster). Instead we have produced impressive results by keeping to a single strategy. We have refined and improved the program over the past year and we have added the AUDUSD pair. We will continue to support you and Forex WindFall after your purchase.


Forex WindFall controls your risk

As well as trading fixed lot sizes, Forex WindFall goes a step further and allows you to keep your level of risk constant as your account grows. 

The level of risk per trade is calculated from the stoploss which for Forex WindFall trading the EURUSD is 60 pips. Trading at $1 per pip this is equivalent to $60. For a $1500 account the risk is 60/1500 or 4%.

Of course, the decision about where to set the risk level is up to you but as your account grows this feature will automatically increase the stake size so your account grows even faster. Don’t forget the power of compounding (above). Keep your risk low and let time do the work.


Unique message display

Forex WindFall provides you with a unique message display on the chart. The display is positioned below the status report and shows daily trading news or miscellaneous advice. It can, for example, advise you that a slow, fast or unstable trading period is approaching or that an interest rate announcement is imminent. This is a unique feature to Forex WindFall expert advisor. It updates itself at the start of a session and periodically thereafter. You can also force an update of the message at any other time.

The reason for this feature is to advise you of events which may have an affect on the forex market. Some traders like to put a hold on their trading during these periods. While this is not necessary to run Forex WindFall successfully, it is your money at risk so if we can give you any extra help we will do so. Other examples of market affecting news are non-farm payrolls, inflation figures and major world events. We also use the display to stay in touch.


Forex WindFall features

  • Stop loss and take profit levels are both set at the start of the trade but the system will continually look for early trade exit depending on conditions
  • Trades the EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD currency pairs using the 30 minute charts. Forex WindFall looks for trades 24 hours a day and will sit patiently recalculating, checking and testing every time a new price is received.
  • When trading with fixed lot sizes, Forex WindFall checks that you have sufficient free margin to place the trade. If not, it will reduce the trade size accordingly. This ensures that you cannot receive a margin call from your broker and lose money on an otherwise winning trade.
  • Compounding and risk percentages are accurately calculated based on your account size and free margin. If you set the risk percentage too high, Forex WindFall will reduce the trade size so as to avoid any possible margin call.
  • Fast loading of program from our website. Click on the loader, select your broker’s MT4 folder and press ok. Program upgrades are just as quick.
  • How frequently does it trade? Forex WindFall trades about once per day on average. Sometimes it is more lively, sometimes less.