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Added on March 1, 2013 01:58 AM
Trading style: trending
Currency pairs: GBPUSD,GBPJPY
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: No

An updated version of the Crescendo EA with some new features added by the PimpMyEA team.

But before we describe the “new” features, let’s make a step back and give a brief overview of the trading strategy implemented by Crescendo, since some of the new readers of this blog may not know Crescendo yet. Basically, Crescendo has an trend detection algorithm that is used for grabbing repeatedly small amounts of profits while a price trend develops. When the trend is not predicted correctly (no strategy can be 100% accurate) Crescendo tries to average down the price, so that a profit can be made on the next reversal.

Let’s see this GBPJPY chart as an example (click for zooming in):

On the left of this chart you can notice the many sell trades that are closed for a profit. In the middle of the chart you can notice a situation where Crescendo is averaging down the price of a set of short trades, and in the end it is able to close them successfully for an overall profit. The strategy exploits the natural tendency of prices to “reverse”.

Here is an example of how the equity can grow over time with this strategy (this is a real account that more then tripled the balance trading only Crescendo for 18 months):

Of course trading with Crescendo requires the trader to use a correct money management and to be prepared psychologically to withstand the inevitable drawdown phases.

ForteFX makes our life easier for taking advantage of this apparently simple – yet powerful – trading strategy also aiming to reduce the draw down with the use of hedging.

Here are the main improvements introduced by ForteFX  in details:

  • Hedging is embedded and automatic in the strategy. It’s like having two EAs trading at the same time: one taking only the long signals and one trading only the short signals. Working independently so that the ForteFX won’t be stuck for days, weeks or even months waiting for a retracement but will keep on cashing money following the stronger trend.
  • It can work on ANY currency pair (so it is no longer forced to work on GBPUSD/GBPJPY). The multicurrency approach is one of our “identifying marks” and so all our strategies are made to work on the largest number of instruments. Yes, you can use it on indexes, commodities and stocks if you want!
  • The trend algorithm has been greatly improved as it now can use two of our best currency trend strength meters:PotenzaFX and PowerbarsFX. Those of you already owning them, know well how powerful they are as they let you read the currency market as no other indicator. They let you touch with hands the situation in the currency war.
  • The averaging down algorithm is more sophisticated. To greatly reduce the drowdown, new trades now are entered only if the original trend is resuming itself.
  • The input settings are much easier for the end user. You won’t have to deal with many different options. Everything has been simplified and the strategy is simple to understand and manage.

A note about the use of the PotenzaFX or PowerbarsFX trend based algorithms. You need to have them installed to use that feature.

To meet people that don’t own them already, if you decide to buy ForteFX you’ll receive a 50% discount code for them that you can use to buy both (or just one) at ANY TIME.

But that’s not all. We know that most of you already own and trade Crescendo and to thank you and help you in keep trading this strategy at best, we decided to sell ForteFX to our loyal followers with a 50% discounted price. This is not a limited offer.

What you Get:

  • ForteFX EA
  • An online manual with instructions
  • Subscription to ForteFX private Yahoo! Group in order to partecipate to the performance improvement process of the EA
  • Email Support