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FX Splitter EA

Added on February 13, 2013 01:33 AM
(3.5 / 5)
Trading style: martingale
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
Time frame: H1
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: No

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Fx Splitter is a basket trading robot.
It places individual trades at fixed intervals of time.
When the next time slot occurs, Fx Splitter will place a new trade, or close an existing trade, or do both, or do nothing, according to the in-build trading algorithm and the current market conditions.
Fx Splitter is a martingale trader.
So, as the number of trades in the basket grows, new trades will be opened with the increasingly larger lot size.
When the net profit of the basket reaches the given take profit level, the whole basket is closed, and the new one is started.
Fx Splitter – EA that opens positions both long and short in a grid style.
Fx Splitter is an expert advisor built for the Metatrader4 platform.
Our software will automatically detect whether you are running on a 4 or 5 digit broker and change the settings internally for you.
Fx Splitter strategy does not use a scalping.








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