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Spaghetti Trader EA

Added on December 3, 2013 06:45 AM
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Time frame: M30, H4
Money-back guarantee: 30-day
NFA compliance: No

Spaghetti Trader EA is based on the SpaghettiFX indicator set. It has 4 trading strategies, which are available in the form of 2 distinct EAs. he SpaghettiFX indicators are based on two sets of moving averages: a slow and a fast one. Each set represents a group of traders: the ones with a long term view of the market and ones more oriented towards a short term view.

By looking at how these two sets of MAs interact with each other, a manual trader can be able to determine when a trend is about to start, when it’s about to end and if there’s no trend in place at all.

But EAs can’t “look” at charts. That’s where our SpaghettiFX indicators set comes in. It “reads” the status of different MAs sets and analyses them in order to compute numeric values that can trigger trading decisions.

The Spaghetti Trader EAs are exactly the EAs that do this job.

Like the indicators set, they are able to read the market using the two sets of EAs and to trade accordingly.

The 4 strategies are based on our analysis of the SpaghettiFX indicators: “Signal“, “Trend“, “Indicator“ and “STM“. We integrated them into two EAs (one only devoted to STM) and coded our trading strategies using them.

The result is an EA able to have very good performances in different pairs, and different timeframes.

Some pairs perform better than others and so do specific timeframes.

For example, based on our experience, the 30 minutes timeframe is the one having better short term performances.

For this timeframe we optimized our settings based on recent data to have it perfetly fit for the actual market conditions.

Here are this year backtests for the 30M timeframe along with the actual performances on our account:


AUDUSD 30M Backtest


AUDUSD 30M Account


EURUSD 30M Backtest


EURUSD 30M Account


GBPUSD 30M Backtest


GBPUSD 30M Account


USDJPY 30M Backtest


USDJPY 30M Backtest


EURUSD 4H Backtest (since 2008)


The above performances has been reached using the first 3 strategies, but we developed a 4th one called STM (Signal Trend Match) that has a dedicated EA.

What You Get

  • Spaghetti Trader EA and Spaghetti Trader STM EA
  • Setting Files for each pair and timeframe we backtested successfully
  • An online manual with instructions