Abe's Forex Signals and Automation

May 4, 2012 07:10 AM

Let's Recap What You'll Get With TWO Sources of Professionally Vetted Forex Signals


You will receive real-time trading signals from me. Remember, I'm trading to put food on the table. My goal is to never lose a trade.


The Machine will feed you it's trading signals too. Like me, the Machine has never had a losing month. Use the Machine's trades as your primary signal source or use it as your backup. It's totally up to you.

With this set-up you'll double your opportunity to cash-in on lucrative trades.

PLUS… Vladimir and I put our heads together and decided to give you the most power-packed Signals Service available.

Along with 2 sources of Signals we'll give you:

1. Automatic Trade Cloner:

Our trade recommendations will immediately posted to your MT4 platform. You'll have full entry and take-profit information. All you need to do is approve the trade.

2. Real-Time Chat:

You get access to the private chat room where other members of the service, as well as Abe, are meeting.

3. Multi-Currency Trading:

You will get trading signals for every currency pair. We follow the profits wherever they lead. TheMachine often trades several different currency pairs at the same time!

4. Multi-Market Profits:

Since TheMachine and I trade on separate accounts we often are finding profits in different markets. This automatically diversifies our trading portfolio and optimized your profits.

5 Signals Archives:

Every trading session is recorded and uploaded to our Members Lounge. Use these archives to learn new trading strategies refine your trading skills!

6. Autopilot Trading:

You can configure the Trade Cloner to automatically make trades based on our signals - completely hands-free. Or you can choose to manually approve each trade. It's up to you.