Bull's Eye

June 28, 2012 06:59 AM

Bull’s-Eye Trading Signals (BETS) is a real-time provider of forex trade signals. Would you like to identify profitable currency trades before a big move? Would you like to know exactly when to buy, or go short, and know exactly when to close out your winning trades – while at all times minimizing your risk?

Our goal is to provide BETS subscribers with a fully-automated, easy-to-implement, transparent, and highly effective trading signal and risk management service to increase their income and wealth.

BETS’ primary trading strategy is to take advantage of intermediate and major market movements and trends – not on intra-day strategies designed to capture micro movements and profits – an approach we consider more akin to gambling. Our trading is based on a proprietary technical trading methodology, combined with a highly calibrated order-entry execution strategy, designed to put you in the market at the precise time and price that market momentum shifts in your favor and by limiting risk to acceptable levels.

BETS professional forex trading signals have produced a consistent and superior performance record. We strive to deliver, monthly and annually, superior performance metrics, both in absolute terms, and, in comparison to those returns represented by competitor signal or system providers, or other asset classes.

Our system was developed with the following performance metrics in mind:

  • Returns must be reasonably consistent.
  • Volatility should be limited within current market conditions.
  • Returns must, over time, outperform whatever currency index to which the system is applied.
  • While adhering to basic “buy low, sell high” principles, it must also be able to recognize trends.
  • Trading activity should be kept to a minimum to avoid excessive fees and slippage.

Now BETS is easier to use than ever before. Our professional order-entry, risk management stop-loss and take-profit signals are delivered automatically and instantly to your account via a signal receiver that you download to your Metatrader platform. At the moment we enter, modify, or exit a trade, the trade is copied and posted instantaneously into your account.

No more waiting around for Alerts to arrive by email or SMS. No more missed executions or incorrect entries. With our trade copier software installed on your Metatrader account, when we enter or exit a position – so will you – instantly and effortlessly. With our automated trade service there is no ambiguity or confusion. Our performance is your performance.

If you’re a serious trader who wants to start actually making money again we invite you to become part of our little group. We use the term “little” deliberately because only 1,000 worldwide subscriptions are available.