May 10, 2012 02:01 AM

Trade Like a PRO


ClickSignals is 100% live feed Forex Signals! Allowing you to trade easily, all you have to do is to follow our signals, we will tell you what and when to Trade all you have to do is......Click!

Trade like the Pro’s by using our Forex Signals system; you won’t understand how come you haven’t used ClickSignals before. Unlike other Signals providers at ClickSignals we receive Signals from real Forex speculators and real Traders who submit the Signals manually.


Here are some of the benefits of using ClickSignals system:

  • 18 currency pairs
  • Signals for Gold and Silver,
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit levels
  • Risk/Reward ratio calculated
  • Intraday, Daily and Weekly strategies
  • Signals are provided by 100% real analysis team
  • The ability to receive Forex Signals online, anytime
  • Forex opportunities are analyzed by our team 24 hours a day
  • Messages and Tips telling you when to buy and when to sell
  • Receiving trade instructions with easy to follow indicators

What is ClickSignals

The Forex Signal Industry is filled with lots of Forex alert that some been published and some are speculated. Our professional Forex Trading Team monitor 18 Currency pairs, 24 hours a day so that you don't have to, all you have to do is to respond to our alerts, so you will know when it's time to trade!

Our Signal Providers Strategies:

Our Team is using advanced technical tools and data analysed, looking for ways to benefit from these daily price Retracements. The Retracement Trades are ClickSignals Signal Team most common trade. Because of the great performance it makes it our preferred trade strategy.

Retracement Trade Definition:

As we all know the Forex market does not move in a straight line, it goes up and down which known as “Retracement”.

Our team is using another strategic method called Range trading; this method can be difficult because trading opportunities within the range are limited and here is why:

When a currency quote has enough momentum to break out above or below the based high or low quote, and it met to our Team criteria as well, that’s an excellent opportunity for our Traders to Trade and to let you know about it.

Some of the biggest market moves occur after a range breakout.

Breakout Trade Definition:

Sometimes currency pair just stops moving between a based high price and Based low price. Our Team mission here is to buy or sell once it breaks out of this range.

Trial Period

We fully encourage anyone in doubt to try our system before fully subscribing to our services. We will provide you 24/7 email support during your trial and will be glad to answer any questions.