Forex Executor

June 4, 2012 02:08 AM

Forex Executor is the leading forex club that not only provides the most affordable and reliable access to highly profitable forex trading systems, but also provides professional up to date trading portfolio along with automated buy/sell signals for its members.

  • We provide you with profitable, time tested and verified forex strategy, where you can make money from it.
  • Our up to date forex trading systems and complete portfolio analysis shows you the best opportunities for the forex market, so you can earn money consistently.
  • Our in depth research will save you a lot of time and money finding the correct trading system and build a profitable portfolio.
  • Learn how to limit your risk.

Why Are We Different?

When we started Forex Executor, we made a decision. We wanted to help forex traders understand the true realities of trading. We’ve all tried Robots/EAs with tons of promise and very little results. The truth is these software systems always fall apart. When the market goes wild, no “robot” can predict market conditions!

The internet is also full of expensive training systems and signals/trading rooms promising huge results, only to disappoint hopeful members. Those expensive trading signals/trading rooms, cheap e-books and Holy Grail systems are for the most part a myth designed to separate the novice from their money. The problem is that everyone is claiming to be a professional trader, even those selling the snake oil robots.

The simple fact is that:

  • Making money trading Forex IS NOT EASY – It is going to take some work, and NO “Get Rich Quick” plan.
  • Trading us about strategy… is about money management; you need to have a time tested system and a risk profile to trade with.

How does This Work?

After sign up, download and install the Auto Executor Software onto your Metatrader account. Then create your own portfolio from various profitable trading system(s) inside our member area or duplicate our Feature Portfolios.

Whenever your chosen trading system(s) or trader(s) execute a trade, our auto executor software places that same trade onto your account.

You have the ability to control the trade size to match the correct risk for your account.

By creating a portfolio consists more than one trading system, if one trading system has a bad day, your other trading system may have done better. Smooth your trading results! This is the same basic principle use by a hedge fund manager. A hedge fund will diversify between different investments to balance poor performing investments with good performers.

In short words:

  • You pick your own trading system that suit your trading profiles to trade for you.
  • We track and display a history of their performance so you know they are real.
  • You get the benefit of one, two, three or more trading systems working for you.
  • All trading signal delivery within seconds using our Auto Executor Software.

Why trade with us?

1. You do NOT have to wake up or be near a computer 24 hours a day waiting for the signals to trade along with a professional (real trader).

  • Our trading system works with pinpoint accuracy, like clockwork – on any time frame and is a Fully Automated Trading System.
  • Our state-of-the-art Auto Executor Software (Metatrader Expert Advisor) executes the signals instructions automatically onto your Metatrader account and manages the trades. This set-and-forget robot is designed to handle the trade for you, the same way that we would until the trade exits.

2. Our Auto Executor Software (EA) is the most advanced on the market today.

  • Signals are executed quickly and consistently.
  • Controlling Risk Every order in Forex Executor Software.

3. You get an experienced professional Forex trader, not just a robot, trading your account for you, 24 hours a day.

  • NO Magic Robots or Black boxes…Market is so dynamic ! No method can detect future sentiment ! the experience counts..We trade by carefully and analyze the market thoroughly. We have done very well for the past several years!
  • NO HYPE ! No Holy Grail or Crazy Promises. We are realistic about our trading system and the services we provide to our clients.
  • NO Crazy Claims of 1,000% or some other ridiculous return… We are realistic about the returns here!

4. Choose your own broker and keep control of your money.

  • No need to open a new account, use your existing broker. No need to pay additional pips or commissions.
  • You don’t have to give your money to a fund manager or open an account with a broker that is less than reputable.
  • You keep your privacy, no revealing your account information to a third party.

5. Complete trade transparency including equity drawdown.

  • All trades are documented and reported, not just the winners.
  • Open trades are included in all profit and drawdown calculations so you can see the actual risks involved.