Trader King

May 2, 2012 01:48 AM


Now you can, by gaining exclusive access to view, in ‘real-time’ their actual financial markets trades.

Subscribers to TraderKing have the unique opportunity to get an inside view of the trading decisions made by both independant and professional "Super Traders" who have extensive global investment banking experience working in some of the biggest trading/dealing rooms in the financial world. These traders are monitoring financial markets around the clock and identified opportunities can arise as fast as they disappear. TraderKing compiles and processes this expert information and allows subscribers around the world to get ‘real-time’ access to view actual trading decisions via the TraderKing website, by email and SMS alerts and replicate them for their own trading accounts at their discretion.

For an affordable monthly fee of AUD$29.00 per month, subscribers will receive regular (usually weekly) ‘real-time’ trading alerts about trades that TraderKing has identified and is making. Subscribe now and join this exclusive financial community taking advantage of ‘real-time’ dynamic financial market moves. Note: subscriptions are payable monthly and you can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe Now.

TraderKing does not trade in individual stocks or equities, but rather the overlaying stock indices such as the S&P500, ASX200, UK100 etc. In addition, TraderKing trades the global currency and commodity markets. Trades include both long/short postions.

TraderKing reviews and makes trading decisions using various market indicators to identify trading opportunities. These include maintaining a close watch on fundamental economic conditions and developments, including geo-political events as well as detailed technical analysis indicating key support and resistance levels via moving averages, volume, volatility and other momentum and strength/weakness indicators.

All trades made by TraderKing are entered into with pre-defined stop loss levels. These stop loss levels are put in place so as to minimise financial risk on the trade and are clearly identified in the Members section together with the identified particular trade details.

2012 is setting up to be an active and extremely volatile market place across all markets, exacerbated by the ongoing Eurozone sovereign issues coupled with the Quantitative Easing measures continuing to be formulated and implemented by various nations (USA in particular, with 2012 being an election year) whose effects are continuing to be felt.

TraderKing made 67 market trades during 2011, of which 52 were winners. Subscribe now, with a 1 month gaurantee, and create a new additional income stream.