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Volatility Factor EA is specialized EA designed to deliver 10-15+ pips per trade. It is based on a very powerful volatility-based market algorithm that has been put through a battery of real-world tests.  Read more
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Forex Growth Bot is a real product. It was developed by a GENIUS MATHEMATICIAN from Russia to free himself from the dreadful 9 to 5 job. There are many people who already use it and have had extraordinary success.  Read more
On first inspection, the Black Belt EA appears to be a well put together bot that offers a professional approach to forex trading. The bot itself trades EURUSD, the most popular of forex crosses, and is able to capture good sized profits by trading volatility breakouts and retracements. The Black Belt EA uses price action alone to open positions which tends to mean it works irrespective of the broker used. Key to Black Belt’s success is in its position sizing formula that allows it to open up to 16 concurrent positions at any one time.  Read more
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Forex Invest Bot is a 100% automated Forex robot that trades based on volatility and trending. It uses my advanced formula that I designed to determine appropriate entry points and exits.  Read more
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FOREX Robin VOL is a software program that operates on the FOREX market taking automated buying and selling decisions. It trades on volatility breakouts.  Read more
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Forex Fancy Bot is a new EA and was officially made available to the public on March 20th of this year. So far, the bot is performing well and achieving an average monthly gain of just over 3% at the time of writing. The bot comes from the same group that brought us the Black Belt EA and this appears to be another welcome addition. The EA trades EURUSD on a 15 minute timeframe and uses two independent breakout strategies that have impressive track records going back the last 13 years. As well as this, the bot has been stress tested using walk-forward analysis and Monte Carlo analysis.  Read more
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Omega Trend Indicator is just not any ordinary software. After testing this tool, we are glad to inform you that it is definitely going to be beneficial to boost your income with Forex as compared to several investors’ products. It would be right to claim that it is worth every penny spent to get this indicator.

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Professional day traders have been using pivot points to trade the markets since the days of the floor. Back then, complicated technical indicators were not as freely available, so traders would rely on watching the tape and a couple of calculated levels called pivots. And since pivot point levels are so widely watched, they often manage to predict turning points in the market with extraordinary accuracy.  Read more
Forex traders operate in a world of risk. To make money in this game is to take on risk with the hope of reward and it is this balance that must drive every trading decision. Whenever we are in a trade, we are at risk, since any price decline can lead to the loss of capital. Money management is therefore the most important ingredient to successful trading, since without good money management, even the best trader in the world will eventually go broke.  Read more
Bollinger Bands were invented by the analyst John Bollinger in the 1980’s and are a popular tool used by traders to analyze the financial markets. Bollinger Bands are placed two standard deviations away from the simple moving average and are excellent measures of volatility. The bands seek to provide a relative definition of what is high and what is low and are adaptive to the market. Default parameters consist of 20 periods and two standard deviations but can be adjusted as necessary. The inventor, John Bollinger, also provides 22 rules for using the bands. The most important rules are provided here, the rest can be found online.  Read more
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